Saturday, June 13, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: artists and atoms: fission and fusion


y\You asked about artists working with medical radioisotopes
i remember there is a Mediterranean artist, in Ljubljana
Janez Janša , who did a project= but  think there are a number
of artists projects of this type


Nuclear Body is a project carried out by Janez Janša with the
consultance of the Oncological Institute of Ljubljana's Clinic Centre
and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
and the City of Ljubljana's Cultural Department.

It's the result of a research about one of the diagnostic techniques
used in the field of nuclear medicine: radio-isotopic scanning or

This technique allows the evaluation of a body organ's state by
rendering on a computer monitor a digital image of it.

An isotope, introduced intravenously into the patient, after reaching
the target organ starts to emit gamma ray, which are than detected by
a special gamma camera.

By following methodically this procedure the whole artist's body was
"copied" and "paste" into a virtual dimension.

Rather than a diagnostic technique, in Nuclear Body, schintigraphy is
seen as a possibility to create an objective virtual double of a body,
which could be used further on as its representation in digital

Nuclear Body is presented as a computer based video installation.
It was premiered in March 1999 at the Ljubljana's Cultural and
Congress Centre Cankarjev dom in the frame of the festival "the Beauty
of Extreme II".

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