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[Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: From life to life. The multiplicity of the living

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> Oggetto: From life to life. The multiplicity of the living
> From life to life. The multiplicity of the living
> Symbolic intelligence was originated from the organic dimension, its
> roots are organic. Its advent generated the outburst of tools,
> prostheses, artifacts, and deeply changed our human interaction with
> the environment, generating the anthropic world we know. In an early
> phase – in a path which has been taking place since the Paleolithic
> age – the new forms depend on us and are mainly our extensions, as
> the current tools, machines, devices and artifacts are, which expand
> our bodies, our senses and our mind. But step by step these forms
> are becoming more and more autonomous, and due to the pressure of
> the antrophic environment are evolving as living entities but beyond
> the organic dimension, cross-breeding with it or based entirely on
> inorganic sources. These forms are not being selected by the same
> "natural" environment which selected the current living organic
> forms, like humans, they are not the result of the so called natural
> selection. Indeed they are created and selected by a cultural
> process, by the anthropic sphere. They are the result, the goal, of
> the anthropic culture and environment. The more the anthropic sphere
> will expand and develop, the more these forms will proliferate and
> evolve.
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Pier Luigi Capucci
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