Monday, June 29, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms: fission and fusion

patrick et yasminers

re art and nuclear waste storage of course

we can mention the work of Stefan Shankland
Nucle-R - 3 year research program (2002-2005) on a Plastic Approach to
Nuclear Waste. Conducted in collaboration with the CEA (France's
nuclear research authorities) the program included publication, public
presentations, a permanent large sale multimedia installations,
commissioned art works, films and a DVD publication. Key outcomes
2006 Permanent large sale multimedia installation and films for the
Visiatome, a new museum on nuclear waste France.
2004 '4 propositions for an integrated art approaches to nuclear
waste', CEA, Marcoule, France.

and for an interesting recent announcement:

The Netherlands' centralized radioactive waste processing and storage
facility has agreed to help local museums store their artefacts and
works of art in its unused storage space for up to 100 years.

Museums in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands, where the Central
Organization for Radioactive Waste (Covra)
facility is located, have endured a shortage of storage space for the
artefacts that are not on display. This represents some 90% of their

Covra said that a pilot project was started in 2008 to determine
whether a radioactive waste storage facility is suitable
as a museum depot, to identify optimal conditions and equipment. The
pilot was successful and now at least seven
regional museums will start storing artefacts in a low- and
intermediate-level waste (LLW/ILW) store.

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