Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Fwd: Yasmin_discussions Digest, Vol 29, Issue 1

Roger, Angela, Nina et al, greetings
i like the story about Pytheas, what whas he thinking when he started of? and also its quite reasonable that nobody beleived if he was a the only evidence.
the point, as some have made in a recent paper in leonardo on oriented flows is that moving to remote locations in space/time/scale in reversible ways that is doing both trips going there and comming back as it were in a sequence of projections, transductions as they imply moving signlas from one propagation speed to another, mediated by instruments and metaphors, abstract constructions.
we need to invent and articulate mithological constructions that help us deal in effective ways with what is known and what is possible. when we buy an airplane tiket, we are not buying a thing a physical object but a string of metaphirs embeded in a electronic landscape that pushes large aluminium tubes arround at 900km an hour.

old myths are useful but limited
we need new narratives of origin and causality and ways to help Pytheas
to build his case

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