Monday, June 15, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Yasmin_discussions Digest, Vol 29, Issue 1

Dear all!

I very much share the interest in rendering the atomic and subatomic
scale - i would not use the word 'comprehensible', but maybe...
rendering the space in different ways so it can be experimented with
from different angles. Rendering the invisible and intangible in nature
has been a theme I've been working on for more than ten years as both an
artist and geographer (and sometimes as a musician). I have just
completed a project called 'Mutable Matter' where I tried to unite
recent endeavours in sci-art with public discussion. I did some
experimental workshops on the theme of nanotechnology with mostly
non-scientists using rather primitive materials such as plasticine,
magnets, play slime and polystyrene balls. Part of the idea of the
project was to let the materials influence the dialogue - questioning
the idea of 'inanimate' matter through the very process.

I have started posting some of the outcomes on my blog:

I also recall an exhibition that I saw last year called 'In-security' ( ) which may be of interest - and maybe
also the 'From Atoms To Patterns' exhibition about the Festival Pattern
Then there is also the 'Visual Elements' project by Murray Robertson ( ) and Bob
Verschueren's 'Atomes de Verdure'.
Some books that I find very inspiring are Primo Levi's 'The Periodic
Table' and Karen Barad's 'Meeting the Universe Half-Way'.




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