Thursday, June 18, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms:fission and fusion

Dear Yasminers,

Like Patrick i´m in a congress so i can not be really active these days, but
it is very suggesting all these mails. It is interesting to see that we have
same context as before with nuclear weapons but now from countries under
development or in different cultural society, so, game is changed, we would
expect different artistics expresions from these countries, as in there art
is manifesting in different ways (different political context, different
laws, ... ). For example USA reacts with Hippy culture (or developed hippy
culture), but hippies culture is north american one. What are the signs or
the identity of the cultural reactions to nuclear weapons in India, Korea,
Pakistan, .... ?.

At the same time here in spain we have a nuclear debate, which is under the
more general "Energy" one. Some of the nuclear centrals are ending therir
active life, so normal processes are to close it, but this make some
controversies because this society create energy needings and nuclear
factories/centrals are one of the keypoints to mantain this energy culture.
Probably it is not so easy to close this centrals. Before technology we are
in a energy culture and nowadays it is not created the clean and renewable
technology to change from nuclear centrals. It is interesting how nuclear
criticism goes in hand with alternative energy positivism, and their logos
and expresions goes hand by hand. Probably art can help to extract from our
individual consciences to our society this energy culture in deeper
relations, as it is done with climate change. One difference is that climate
change is an alert from our fosil energies, but we are not experimenting any
physical alert from civil nuclear factories (maybe only one is enought as
chernobil was), from political point of view nuclear factories are safe and
they only need to contain radioactive waste, puting below the carpet at the
moment, so it is not a inmediatly problem, but we know that this is not the
solution, we need different energy. Maybe all participants of the society
must be participants of this energy change.

At the same time civil nuclear energy is a reasonably way to develop
countries under development. I remmember that in cuba was a project by the
URSS to build a nuclear factory, but, if i´m not wrong, it was not finished.
I´m sure that if the project becmae a reallity this society has more
opportunities. But it must be appointed that frontiers from civil uses of
nuclear energy to nuclear weapons are very close. Maybe Cuba become in worse
situation because USA makes more control to the Island. So when we speak
about nuclear energy we have a really fusioned topic, concerning energy
culture, development of countries, armamentistics campains, ... . I feel
that in this special topic it is really difficult try to issolate possible
effects. With any topic occurs the same, but probably, using a metaphore,
same as the new qualitative energy magnitude which introduce nuclear energy,
this fusioned paradigma acts very powerfull with this nuclear topic.

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