Saturday, June 27, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] 30/6 19h Art Pollution Kit by Michal Kindernay & Gívan Belá @ OKNO/ Open Green

>Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 17:10:31 +0200
>Subject: [OKNO] 30/6 19h Art Pollution Kit by Michal Kinder
> nay & Gívan Belá @ OKNO/ Open Green
>OKNO - artist run organisation for art and media
>technology - Brussels
>Michal Kindernay & Gívan Belá
>Dinsdag/Tuesday/Mardi, 30 June, 2009 19:00
>The Art Pollution Kit is a project geared at
>providing easy access to environmental data by
>using Arduino open source acquisition boards and
>specialized environmental sensors. Arists Michal
>Kindernay and Gívan Belá experiment with
>perceptual ideas about sound and visual
>pollution (using noisiness, speed of
>movement/change, and spectral spread). Currently
>they are working with humidity and temperature
>and working towards including readings of air
>quality, ozone, pressure, and windspeed. With
>The Art Pollution Kit, they work on algorithmic
>experiments with image and sound degradation,
>driven by the sensors, cameras and microphones.
>Over the coming months several new features will
>be added. Everyone interested is invited to join
>in to expand the initial setup as well as to
>develop data visualisations. The extended plan
>is to share the data expressions across
>geographic distances.
>Michal and Gívan Belá are currently working in
>OKNO. They will perform a short garden piece
>with their Art Pollution Kit on June 30th at 7pm.
>Free entrance.
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