Friday, June 12, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Atoms and more

kerry asked me to post this


by the way= the mediterranean is a state of mind
YASMIN has it center of gravity in the mediterranean
but is for anyone who has ever been here or would like
to come here to visit or to live. Yasmin is organised by
people around the mediterranean from beirut to valencia,
but the universe is our oyster.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 11:32 PM, Kerry Tunstall<> wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Kerry Tunstall here, from NewZealand, and  i read  alot of the posts on
> yasmin especially the ones that related to the charged atoms kind of thing
> going on in my own art work.
> i was not sure how to post to the yasmin site especially as i am in
> NewZealand and not in the Mediterranean, so you got mail.
> If you are able please post this to yasmin.
> Last year in a graduate year of study towards a Bfa hons, I developed within
> the field of art and sciences via electrical engineering, at the university
> of Canterbury in New Zealand, a number of high voltage exploding wire
> developments. This process was used by postgraduates working in the
> electrical engineering department under Dr Wade Enright for science
> purposes, and also, extensively used last year as the key process, for my
> own art work. The following are my own thoughts developed from readings,
> musings and conversations, and should not negativly reflect on the
> scientific principals being explored by the scientists I often work with.
> These time based works, of the exploding wire kind, is where a point three
> millimetre wire is induced; with voltages exceeding 40000volts. On
> induction, the voltage exceeds the wires capability and an explosion occurs.
> From this explosion a vacume is then created, and as a vacume is a path of
> least resistance, we have then induced a plasma discharge arc, between
> positive and negative. I was at once stage informed, that plasma has
> been described as all the light frequencies and all the sound frequencies.If
> this occurs as a bridge between positive and negative, then this also occurs
> in an interesting place within the physical between the
> electrically symbolic forms of something and nothing and yet in
> that small moment of time it is as if everything is occurring. What images
> we were able to entertain our selves with, were seen by myself as time based
> events, every intersection of exploding gaseous 'subjective object' matter
> was in turn lending to the further intersections. A gas developed in our
> case, from super heated copper wire; in different temperatures, turns to a
> number of different chemically natured structures. Each is then represented
> within the field of view, through the lens, as a different colour
> form....The images created at times, i have also been working with
> digitally, as if playing on an analogy kind of thing... photograph equals
> light in time and space....manipulated image equals tipping the hat to
> science fiction.   I would like to read of other artists working with both
> exploding wire forms of plasma discharge, but also with the work i have been
> doing with dielectric barrier discharge.
> All the best Kerry

Roger Malina is in France at this time


phone 1 510 853 2007

When in France I can be reached at:
011 33 (0) 6 15 79 59 26
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