Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Artists and atoms: fission and fusion

Dear Yasminers

I found the discussion very stimulating and engaging and am thankful for
everyone's contributions.

Through the examples and references given, the diversity and strength of
engagements of individuals, groups and states with the nuclear is striking,
from reactions to events (positive or negative) to great or "crazy" ideas,
to large international collaborations like ITER.

Among all I find particularly worthwhile artists' direct interactions with
science, transcalar works at the nano-scale with quantum magnetic models as
metaphors for new consciousness and expression.

There were few examples of that given, but I think it was clear in the
discussion that they, and future ones, are essential to help advance and
foster the construction of new culture. Definitely more 'mileage to go'!


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