Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms: fission and fusion

Patrick, Jean Pierre et yasminers

an example of a 'telematic' connection to sub atomic particles
is the cosmophone that was presented at the Mutamorphosis conference


The instrument sonifies the crossing of sub atomic particles through
the space that the
person is standing in= its quite an eery feeling of connection between
the human level and the
sub atomic level


By CLAUDE VALLÉE, http://cosmophone.in2p3.fr


Fundamental physics explores areas of nature which are more and more
distant from common sense and usual representations of reality. In the
past decades, high energy particle accelerators have revealed a new
world of sub-atomic particles and forces which govern the behaviour of
matter. These objects are described within the frame of quantum
mechanics and Einstein relativity, which dilute the usual concepts of
determinism, localisation, time and energy. It was recently recognised
that the properties of sub-atomic particles are intimately related to
the behaviour of the Universe in its very first moments. Within the
Big Bang model, now corroborated by numerous observations, the energy
density was so high in the first fraction of second that all kinds of
sub-atomic particles existed together, forming a gas of matter,
anti-matter and radiation interacting in the same way as they do in
present high-energy accelerators or violent cosmic phenomena like
quasars or super-novae. This conjunction of cosmology and particle
physics is one of the most striking trends of present fundamental


The cosmophone is a tentative to reveal this close connection between
the infinitely small and the infinitely large in a sensuous way, by
detecting and imaging the continuous flow of elementary particles
originating from our entire galaxy: cosmic rays.

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