Sunday, June 14, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] mediterranean stress


This is roger from marseille, and I was the one who approved
the post you objected to, not our greek colleagues.
I apologise, though I am not sure your
reply was a good way to relieve tension. We have about 1500 people
on the YASMIN list and over the years we have struggled with how
to acknowledge the deep divisions and conflicts in our region while focusing on
our goal of connecting artists, scientists, engineers around the region.

Some yasminers advocate full engagement in the political disputes
that create such pain and suffering in our region (all art is
political), others argue that
yasmin can contribute best by trying to help create productive connections
and referring the political centered debates to the thousands of blogs
and lists dedicated to causes.

The yasmin moderators include people from from lebanon, greece, spain,
france, algeria,
morocco, italy, hungary. we know that in some countries in our region,
it is not possible to subscribe to this list because we do not exclude
membership in the list to people from specific countries or backgrounds.

As each of us help moderate yasmin and keep
it developing we each try to make the best decisions we can. I take
responsibility for approving the post you objected to. Yasmin is
an informal network. No organisation just collaborative filtering and hopefully
by bringing the arts, sciences and technology together we help on the burning
issues we feel strongly about.

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