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[Yasmin_announcements] siva) (zona . grey) (area ::: Lemeh 42

>From: Darko Fritz <>
>Subject: siva) (zona . grey) (area ::: Lemeh 42
>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 19:32:28 +0200
>grey) (area - space of contemporary and media art, Korãula
>3 Volta Gallery, Lumbarda
>Lemeh 42 (Italy): Flowers of Alhambra
>location: 3 Volta Gallery, Lumbarda
>29. 6. - 9. 7.
>opening Monday 29th June 21 h
>This work is freely inspired to Washington
>Irving's tale "The rose" included in "Tales of
>the Alhambra", a collection of tales written by
>Irving during his long staying at the Alhambra.
>The protagonist of this tale is a beautiful
>woman kidnapped by the sultan and imprisoned
>inside the Alhambra, the antique fortress where
>the sultan lived along with all his court. This
>Irving's tale is based on the foundamental
>metaphor between the woman imprisoned inside the
>Alhambra and the roses cultivated inside the
>Alhambra. The Alhambra, as a fortress, had to
>protect its inhabitants from all the possible
>external dangers and in doing so it standed as a
>wall that divided the external reality from the
>internal one; so forth, instead of protecting
>the Alhambra finished to isolate its inhabitants
>and instead of preserving it killed them. So, as
>the flower needs water and sun so the feminine
>beauty needs it. Our work is focused mainly on
>the main character, the protagonist, leaving
>aside all the other secondary characters of
>Irving's tale. We have done this in order to
>recreate this character from the internal. She
>feels trapped because her heart as well as her
>soul are trapped and the Alhambra becomes an
>extension of the protagonist.
>on-line video:
>Lemeh 42:
>open daily 20 - 21.30 h or by appointment
>contact: Darko Fritz / tel +31 [0] 91.5800193
>powered by kor::net (korãula::network)
>grey) (area program 2009: Lemeh 42 (Italy) .
>Petar Grimani (Croatia) . Ivan Marusic Klif
>(Croatia) . Toni Mestroviç
>(Croatia) . Samuel Cepeda (Mexico) . Nina
>Czegledy (Canada) and Marcus Neustetter (South
>participants in gray) (area program: Veaceslav
>Ahunov, (Uzbekistan), Abilsait Atabekov
>(Kazahstan), Dunja BlaÏeviç, Boris Cvjetanoviç
>(Zagreb), Gem Sqash (Adam Hyde and Ntsikelelo
>Ntshingila), Ulan Djaparov (Kazahstan), Ivan
>Faktor (Osijek), Faruk Lonãareviç (Bosnia and
>Hercegovina), Alban Muja (Kosova), Edita Pecotiç
>(Korãula / London), Ana Peraica (Split), PRO.BA
>(Bosnia and Hercegovina), Radioqalia (Adam Hyde
>and Honnor Hager, New Zealand), Lala Ra"ãiç
>(Sarajevo - Zagreb), Stefan Rusu (Moldavia /
>Romania), Tomo Saviç-Gecan (Zagreb - Amsterdam),
>Slaven Tolj (Dubrovnik), Transfer (Zagreb),
>Goran Trbuljak (Zagreb), Alexandr Ugay
>(Kazahstan), DraÏen Vitoloviç (Sovinjak /
>Rijeka) i Enes Zlatar (Bosnia and Hercegovina).
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