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[Yasmin_announcements] delphus 09

Delphus project 09 : IN BETWEEN
A Socrates-Erasmus Intensive Programme (9 - 21 July 2009) in Delphi.

This is the fourth meeting between Art Schools (Athens School of Fine
Arts, multimedia lab / Department art and Technology of the Image,
University Paris 8 / Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia of University
of Valencia) /ERSEP Ecole Régionale Supérieure d'Expression Plastique
Tourcoing ) and its main goal is the development of a virtual space
suitable for artistic education, collaboration and research.

The main purpose of our efforts up to now has been a virtual space
that is not a copy of reality, as most of existing virtual spaces. In
this way, we will avoid restricting constraints, resulting in a space
open to any kind of mental adventure or to the discovery of new
concepts or actions that result from experimental audiovisual
creation, creation of synthetic 3D images and original programming

Towards this end, we are avoiding to use conventional structures like
earth ground and laws governing it (e.g. gravity or wall collisions),
or social conventions (e.g. the recreation of existing urbanisms or

The subjects of the previous seminars were: (for more information you
can visit -> projects)

A. WithoutWords project: research for an international non-verbal
language (Delphi, July 2005)

B. ATELIE << Art etTEchnologie pour une Langue InternationallE >>
Programme Intensive SOCRATES-ERASMUS (Delphi, July 2007)

C. IN-BETWEEN - The In-Between project is a collaborative project for
the creation of multicultural virtual neighborhoods on the Web. It
started as an initiative of the Multimedia - Hypermedia Lab of the
Athens School of Fine Arts, and has gradually become an open platform
for artistic experimentation, including participants from different
Universities (see link participants). The participants can insert an
audiovisual description of their house, different audiovisual elements
as well as other information, to the dynamic database and their house
automatically becomes member of the endless neighborhood Moreover,
some of the participants have used the InBetween platform as an
environment for artistic experimentation, thus resulting in different
conceptual levels. (Athens School of Fine Arts 2007 - 2009 / Phd of
Nefeli Dimitriadi at University Paris 8 )

D. MYSQUARE - (is a new level of IN-BETWEEN platform) a virtual square
on the network - creation of a multicultural space on the network -
Université Européenne d'Eté (Paris, July 2008)

Ε. The activity is continuing with the seminar of this year (July
2009), through the Intensive Programme SOCRATES-ERASMUS

This year seminar, which will be the continuation of the Université
Européenne d'Eté 2008, will have as its main objective the completion
and upgrade of the MySquare platform.

Other collaborations - activities

Workshop in Rethymno, Crete
6th Painting Studio ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts)
Organizer-Facilitator: Vassilis Vlastaras

Seminar at Digital Studios, Goldsmiths University (
February 09 and future collaboration at Delphus 10 ( next July 2010)

Seminar and artistic activities with IN BETWEEN platform in MIDEN
FESTIVAL at Kalamata town. 3 -
6 July 2009

Seminar at Master Informatique, Synthese d'images et conception graphique
of TEI - University of Limoges

Mavromichali street , a project of Giorgos Chloros and Anastasia
Melekou ( collaboration of Department of Plastic Arts and Art
Sciences, University of Ioannina ( and Fournos Centre for
Digital culture ( 2008

You can Participate / go to

- Any web visitor can freely navigate inside the virtual neighborhood
and explore the different levels.
- Inhabitants are those who add their house and personal information
to the global database of the In-Between virtual neighborhood. To
become inhabitant, please contact Manthos Santorineos
( in order to get a user name and a password. Then,
you can fill in the relevant form in order to upload your data to the
virtual neighborhood, based on the specifications described there in.
- Experimenters can propose their own conceptual level to the
In-Between database. To become experimenter, please contact also
Manthos Santorineos (

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