Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Tomorrow morning Ekmel Ertan will launch from Istanbul
our July discussion on the YASMIN discussion list.

Clarification as I know some yasminers are confused !!

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Pau Alsina in Barcelona is our moderator.
Indeed we are bridging the mediterranean from East to West !!



We invited everyone to post and participate in the discussion:



The "amber Art and Technology Festival" (http://www.amberfestival.org)
will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 6-15 November 2009 The
"amberConference" http://www.amberconference.org
will be held on Nov 7, 8 2009 on the Theme  "(un)Cyborgable?". The
deadline for proposals
is August 1 2009.

Re-visiting and re-thinking the notion of the cyborg, amber'09 asks:

Are You (un)Cyborgable?".

For this discussion we are particularly interested in how concepts of
the Cyborg and Ethnicity interact. Are Cyborgs a separate ethnicity ?
How do differing cultural viewpoints of the body inform the future
development of Cyborgs ? What are examples of artists projects
Ethnicity interact. What are the different cultural viewpoints on the
development of involving Cyborgs that reflect the ethnic origin of the
artist ? How does the ethnic origin of scientists and engineers affect
their ideas for the development of Cyborgs ?

Yasmin  Discussion Moderator:

Ekmel Ertan:
Received his BSc degree on Electronics and Communication Engineering
and his MA degree on Interactive Media Design. Worked as design
engineer on telecommunication systems in Turkey and Europe. In 1997,
started a multimedia design company in Istanbul. Since 1999, teaching
multimedia / visual communication design / interactive design,
currently at Sabancı University, İstanbul. Exhibited his photography
work, interactive installations and cooperative performance works in
several international venues. Founder of BIS Beden-İşlemsel Sanatlar
Derneği (Body-Process Arts Association), as an education, research and
production platform on new technologies in art. Curator and director
of the annual amberFestival since 2007

Invited Responders:
Dicle Kocacıoğlu :
Dicle Kogacioglu is on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Sabanci
University (Turkey She is currently interested in understanding the
multiple ways in which formations of class, gender, ehtnicity and
sexuality interact in
national and transnational contexts of law reform. She is currently
conducting research on a grant from Scientific and Technological Research
Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) for the project entitled "Access to Justice at
Crossroads: Sociological Perspectives" (September 2007-2009).  .

Lanfranco Aceti :
Dr. Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator. He is
Associate Professor in Contemporary Art and Digital Culture at the Faculty
of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul. He has written
for Leonardo and Art Inquiry and his interdisciplinary research focuses on
the intersection between digital arts, visual culture and new media

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