Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms: fission and fusion

Roger and Co.

This is really makes me think of the mapping and imaging of
the nanoscale. But I suppose that takes us away from the nuclear/atomic and
fission/fusion topic. As a historian, I am less familiar with this seemingly
avant-garde approaches to melding art and nuclear science. With regard to
ITER - I would imagine an important aspect of it would be the simple one of
aesthetics in terms of how one plunks down such a large facility in the
French countryside. What efforts will be made, architecturally, so that it
blends in? This makes me think of the aesthetics connected to the building
of Fermilab:

L. M. Lederman, ŒŒWilson and Fermilab,¹¹ in Aesthetics and Science:
Proceedings in Honor of Robert R. Wilson (Batavia: Fermilab, 1979), pp.

These are just a few points of reference; the new book on Fermilab by
Hoddeson, et al. discusses Robert Wilson's vision for a "lab on the prairie"
in more detail.


On 6/9/09 11:52 PM, "roger malina" <> wrote:

> Patrick, Jean Pierre et yasminers
> an example of a 'telematic' connection to sub atomic particles
> is the cosmophone that was presented at the Mutamorphosis conference
> icles-the-cosmos-and-sounds-2/
> The instrument sonifies the crossing of sub atomic particles through
> the space that the
> person is standing in= its quite an eery feeling of connection between
> the human level and the
> sub atomic level
> roger

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