Thursday, June 25, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists and atoms: fission and fusion


I am happy to come out as a TRANSCALAR !! and am proud !
and will join your twine

ramon= i like your point (related to your cheese diagram)
about venturing out to other 'scales' and then coming
back to share the story=unfortunately no travail agencies
yet available= lets set up an X prize ?

for those of you that dont know josep saldana's nanowiki
here are details bleow = a whole subculture living nano and coming
back alive with unbelievable stories

cant believe no one has brought up cold fusion in a whole
month of this discussion ! I guess we have no homeopaths
on the list !! any artists working on cold fusion out there ?


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22 June 2009
Nanoarchitecture: A New Species of Architecture
preeminent architect in u.s. points toward a new fabric of space and time
tags: architecture, video

18 June 2009
Carbon nanotube electronics
student-created education short on nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes
tags: educational, video, nanoelectronics

10 June 2009
Light-driven nanomotor built with a single molecule of DNA
a new mechanism to transform light straight into motion
tags: nanomachinery, nanodevice, nanobiotechnology, nanophotonics

3 June 2009
GoodNanoGuide shares best practices: how to handle nanomaterials safely
community-driven wiki for information about the safe handling of nanomaterials
tags: safety practices, nanotoxicology, concerns

Plus NanoFeeds reader expanded (general, culture, educational,
business) with feeds from ACS Nanotation,, International
Council on Nanotechnology, Metamodern, nano2hybrids, nanoarchitecture,
Nanodot,, NanoTechNews, nanotechweb, Nanowerk
Nanotechnology Spotlight, NISE Network, Responsible Nanotechnology,
Small Times Wire News

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