Monday, June 1, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Art and Atoms: Fusion and Fission

Dear Yasminers,

This month we are going to deal with a topic of vast power: Fusion and
Fision energy systems and the ways that could interact with art. This vast
power provides the capacity to kill huge quantity of people in only severals
seconds, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagashaky. At the same time offers the
possibility to obtain high flux of energy to our houses in the civil use of
nuclear energy, but, probably this energy is not as free and clean as we
would like at the moment. Nuclear energy goes by hand with the history in a
period where EEUU and URSS had theirs fingers only few milimeters up to
press the buton to create another terible war.

All of these data, feelings and fears where in our minds decades throught
another decades, as an incoscience images creating appocaliptical visions,
used in many films. So, this senses acts in our political life. Pacifim,
ecologism, have a direct idea and possition about nuclear energy, and
nowadays their voice is listened in more imperative way, as a climate change
appears in the political and economical scene.

But history allways returns, and Nuclear energy is having new attention,
their uses as military pourposes are evident, as only one week before North
Corea put it in all news with its new bomb. Its civil uses claims at the
same time, as fusion energy is under research to change the "dirty"
adjective to this energy to "clean" one. Fusion energy is considered
probably as the more powerfull possible energy and it would be more clean
tha fision. It is not extrange to think about it if we consider that this
kind of energy is "used by" nature in the starts.

Nanotechnology has the oportunity to create and develope new technology with
the knowledge and "vote" of all society, and probably we are in these
situation actually because we learned from the risks of old technologies.
Nuclear energy reapears today, so, we have the chance at the same time to
reactualizate these energy. It is hard task as probably Nuclear energy has
the worse and terrible adjectives incorporated by itself, but, It could be

I would like to end these introduction with few comments:

Only few days ago die Herbert F. York. Physicst who worked at the Manhatan
Project and afterwards worked as a EEUU political advisory on nuclear power.
One generation of scientists where completly sensibilizated with the nuclear
culture, but nowadays nuclear energy return and novel and young scientists
are little bit far away from all of these historic happenings. What is the
feeling of new generations concerning nuclear energy?.

At the same time, today i read in the newspapper an intervew to Jüergen
Flim, Theater Director who was born during II world war. He said: "Art must
provocate reactions on people". So, what kind of reactions would like to
provocate art concerning nuclear energy topics.

Finally. As a methapore it is interesting to know that some clean energies
like photovoltaique and photothermal energy are completly dependent to
nuclear energy, as phtons from the sun are created in a huge nuclear
station. But distance and the earth atmosphere gives the possibility to
eliminate undesired effects. We are dealing all days with nuclear energy, we
need nuclear energy, and at the same time we need to preserve our enviorment
to follow with this procedure.

Guillermo Muñoz.
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