Monday, June 1, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Art and Atoms: Fusion and Fission


Its always best to start with some examples ! For our art and atoms
discussion re nuclear fusion and fission I would like to bring to your
attention the work of James Acord:

Artist James Acord has carried out a number of projects connected to
the nuclear fusion
and fission

The history of nuclear fusion and fission, although the research was originally
carried out for civilian interests, is inevitably entwined with the
history of the
second world war and the development of nuclear bombs and the cold war.


He did a work at the Hanford Nuclear Facility

He did a residency at ArtsCatalyst

1998 - 1999

James Acord, Mark Waller, Carey Young explored the economic and
cultural legacy of atomic power in an exhibition of commissioned works
shown in London 1998, Slovenia 1999, Nottingham 1999

'Atomic' confronted our fears and assumptions about science and the
nuclear industry.
Featuring the work of American sculptor James Acord - the only private
individual in the world licensed to own and handle radioactive
materials - 'Atomic' deals with the tricky issue of the idealism
behind the 'white heat of technology' of the fifties and sixties and
attempts to break down the wall of secrecy which has shielded the
nuclear industry since the cold war.

James Acord was artist in residence at Imperial College and the NOW
Festival. His deadly serious ambition to build a 'nuclear Stonehenge'
on a heavily contaminated site at Hanford - home of the Bomb - has led
him through a tragi-comic dance with the US Department of Energy.
Atomic leads us through his perilous 15-year journey to a
site-specific display of his nuclear reliquaries - specially
commissioned for his UK residency at Imperial College - and introduces
the complementary work of two young British artists, Carey Young and
Mark Waller.

As a counterpoint, Young travelled to the former USSR to photograph
the remnants of the nuclear-fuelled space race, the hero-worship of
Gagarin and the ironic spectacle of the pride of Russia's
technological achievements displayed among knock-down Western consumer

Meanwhile, Waller gained access to some of Britain's nuclear power
stations to film a short thriller, 'Glow Boys', to be shown as an
installation, about itinerant nuclear power workers who mysteriously
develop superhuman qualities, featuring Mark E. Smith of The Fall.
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