Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Art and Atoms: Fusion and Fission

Dear all,

I have few comments from our initiall discussion.

Roger, i read the abstract you linked concerning Einstein-Eddington
time-scale. I´m completly out of this field, but, i would like to know if i
understan well. So, there are conditions where starts behaves as eternally
collapsing objects?, these stars could be interpreted as "eternal" nuclear
power suppliers? (i don´t understand this probably because this goes in
oppossite direction to thermodynamical statments, ??). Appart of this doubt
it is very interesting the idea that nuclear energy and nuclear technology
probably could be exploited in many, many interestings new things. Some (not
all) new horizonts, as new travel voyages, or new experiments to go deeper
on science knowledge needs more and more energy. It is know that new
machines and new ways to use better and more efficient energy gives the
possibility to go further, physically and conceptually, so nuclear energy
probably keeps really interestings challenges, as we don´t know at the
moment another powerfull energy.

At the same time ít was very interesting the comments from Grabielle. It is
fascinating how nuclear power is probably one of the key points of,
obviously twenty century politics, but at the same time culture and visions.
I´m completly away of this speciality (Gabrielle, i really would like to
read this PDF from Derrida, even my english complicate much more the
reading¡¡). But as it is pointed, most of the cultural eco seems to me that
was in a pesimistic view. It is completly reasonable that it was in this
line. Another view probably sounds mad in these contexts, and it is great to
have acces to the possible alarms. But i think it is dangerous at the same
time not to think in the possitive feedings of nuclear visions. And
possitive must not be necesary naive ones. As it was pointed it could be
constructed a history of one technology by their accidents, and we must have
acces to it, but we need to have acces to possitive implications too. I
don´t know if exist some possitive vision from artist of nuclear energy,
appart from political propaganda, which in turns it is not necesary

At the same time, as Grabrielle pointed in last parragraph, it could be
really interesting how artist behaves with nuclear and atomic concepts. I
think the name of these discussion it has extremmly powerfull (as nuclear
energy is) methapores. Fusion and Fision obviously could be interporeted as
fusion of artists and scientist but probably the way that it is learned the
Fusion concept in science could be different to anothers knoledge areas. I
think in physics we understand Fusion and Fision like add and division. It
is interesting that in nuclear science division give us lot of energy, but
the process that add (Fusion) give even more energy, and more safe ¡¡¡. At
the same time, physics differs form chemistry, for example, that the
elements of this divisions or addings are the atoms, but nuclear physicist
don´t think in atoms as distinguishable elements, they are composed by
protons and neutrons, which are allways same particles. There are enormous
quanty of "communities" of these protons and neutrons, but only
energetically "stables" are the common ones. I think, like machine and
afterwards cell, this methaphore of nucleous composed by such quantyty of
elements gives us the idea of stable community, and in these stable
community Fusion appears as the process to create more powerfull energy. It
seems a beautifull methapore of the art and science comunity, for example.

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