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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

Il giorno 25/gen/2010, alle ore 12.17, c.tron@voila.fr ha scritto:

> There is another new think in the art, that is simulation don't imitate the appearence of reality but by recomposing phenomena's acts like the reality. So we can say that we are in front of a new type of artifice, that changes the whole conception representation.
> And, the big paradox of simulation seems to be that, even if the model is reality, the process of simulation is to modelize the reality in order to reproduce its behaviour, and to be able to produce new results from theorical tests and calculation.
> During these operations reality is evacuated and the simulated representation is finally an autonomous artifice.
> The relation to the reference has been ejected and virtual world can exist by itself.

Sorry for this late post, but in the last days I had some troubles in following the discussion ;-(


this is a good point, "simulation as a behaviour". Behaviour of what? Of the light, of the appearance of the matter, of the movement and so on, a simulation which imitates the information we detect with the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and so on). But I'll set up a further kind of simulation which imitates the dynamics of the things more than their appearance, their image, for instance the simulation of a living being's behaviour in an artificial life entity or in robotics.

I also would go back to some posts which dealt with the idea of reality, where reality seems intended as absolute, "concrete" and unchangeable. Apart the theories which consider reality as a construction, I would stress that anyway reality is a cultural concept, since it is determined by our interpretation (cognitive, cultural, technical), so its shape is continuously evolving. For the people living in, let's say 1700, the idea of "physical reality" was different from ours: for instance - to do two examples - it did neither comprehend the small dimension (bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and so on) nor the outer space.


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