Monday, February 15, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

Hi Nurit,
The remote war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza,
Links to Paul Virilio's insights from " THE ART OF THE MOTOR",

"When cosmic imagery is completely digitalized in the next century by
computer processors, cybernauts will be able to travel in their armchairs as
simple televiewers, discovering a surrogate world that will have emerged
from information energy. The big bang, a product of Edwin Hubble's
calculations of the apparent speed of universal expansion, will suddenly
yield its scientific primacy to the (transparent) speed of the infinite
expansion of computer calculation! This explains the objective of the MARS-
OBSERVER space probe, launched in autumn I99~. You will recall its mission
was to thoroughly map the planet with a view to future colonization. But
what is less clear is the nature of such colonization. Far from preparing a
manned mission for some hypothetical landing of man on Mars, in the twenty-
first century, the topographical survey of Mars's surface was intended to
make its virtual exploration immediately possible. Whence the tremendous
disappointment of the engineers glued to their control panels at the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory's ground control center when the probe's signals
suddenly went dead at the end of summer 1993."

Avi Rosen.

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"Based out side Las Vegas, US air force pilots fly Drones that execute
missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
75,000 miles away from the battlefield, they wear uniforms, to remind
them they are fighting a 'real' war."

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