Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Virtual Reality and Art: Questioning Simulation and Mimicry

Dear Roc Parés,

thank you for the information and for that historical presence! Maybe that technique (VRML if I don't fail) can be old, and with a low resolution, but roughly the same ideas still live today in visualization technologies. 3D is going to be everywhere, in the cinema, the metaverses like Second Life, the 3D games and MMORPGs, in Google earth/maps...

And a number of online applications (some of them):


Pier Luigi

Il giorno 10/feb/2010, alle ore 09.43, Roc Parés i Burguès ha scritto:

> Dear Yasminers,
> Approaching this simulation topic (or any other) from writing (as in most of the contributions to this discussion list) determines the ideas, the thoughts: i.e.: we produce words about simulation.
> In order to compensate this bias let me invite you to an "old" (1997) online Virtual Reality experience which took contemporary art as a stand point in order to pose questions about Simulation and mimicry as the dominant strategies of the time
> If your web browser does not support vrml you'll need to install a client such as:
> Thank you for your attention,
> Roc Parés

Pier Luigi Capucci
skype: plcapucci

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