Sunday, February 14, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] dream argument + simulation hypothesis (are we living in a computer simulation?)

Hi Jennifer.
Yes I tend to agree with you, specially on the insight of "the same
historical repeated mistake", which reminds me of the importance of a
global network as a collective memory bank, more or less in the very
same way as Ted Nelson wanted to develop his Xanadu project. This
means that if we could simulate this collective global memory, somehow
we would be able to retain it, although I'm not certain that it would
do us any good.
Nevertheless, here is some bibliography (most from T.N. of course)
that has been produced representing a few plugs of the Matrix.
Best wishes.

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> Hi Vítor,
> I assume we are all 'Neo', following the white rabbit down a self
> created trail. We are all the Universe, constantly talking to
> ourselves, getting to know each aspect of ourselves. Like Neo, we
> all have control over this 'matrix', if we can understand that 'the
> spoon is not a spoon' we might enjoy the game better...or not...if
> all is one, then the only way for the one to know itself it to
> divide itself, every experience is equally valuable, unless we chose
> for it not to be...we only need to be grateful (ancient idea's...
> ;-) unravelling this 'matrix' we hope, is like a gift in a gift in a
> gift, we hope it never ends...I've always wondered why we have a
> built-in self destruct mechanism...oxygen gives us life and death at
> the same time. Death allows us 'humankinds' to make the same
> mistakes, over and over, and over again...dividing knowledge learned
> over the construct of time, we find ourselves having the same idea's
> as the ancient people....It's like we
> are spreading ourselves and our knowledge thin over time...each
> word, each meaning we create another division...
> Jennifer
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> hypothesis (are we living in a computer simulation?)
> Hello Jennifer.
> Interesting thinking. So, who is Leo in that Matrix?
> Vítor Reia

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