Sunday, February 7, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] yasmin reminder


A few reminders:

For those of you that prefer to follow the discussion on a blog
the yasmin discussions are all posted at:

<>But you have to send comments to the
discussion list for them to
be in the discussion.

Also we have TWO separate YASMIN lists- one
only for the discussions and one for the announcements.
Please dont send announcements to the discussion list.
You need to subscribe separately to the announcement
and discussion list at:

We are always looking for volunteers, preferable
in the mediterranean region both to serve as
moderators of the list, but also to any of you
interested in organising a discussion around a topic
you are excited about. Please contact us.

If you are organising a conference in the mediterranean
region, we welcome proposals for a yasmin discussion
around the topic of your conference.

YASMIN is YOUR Art Science Mediterranean International
Network= we give priority to activities and ideas that are
important in the Mediterranean region but the whole planet
is our back yard.

roger malina
marseille, where the sea is blue today

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