Friday, February 12, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

Il giorno 04/feb/2010, alle ore 13.46, Clarissa Ribeiro Pereira de Almeida ha scritto:

> Nevertheless can you imagine and
> draw in a paper right now my bedroom and my zebra pattern duvet cover? Can
> you explain to your best friend what the hell is going on right know in my
> bedroom despite the fact that you are reading this question in the year
> 2227? Can you draw something here, please? Right now, because I'm going to
> sleep.

We could try if we share some models we got through experience or (but this is not the case) because they are innate. Models are simulations. Maybe we could try to explain to our friends with the voice or a letter the bedroom you describe with written words, and, supposing we are able to draw in a way you can understand, we could even draw that scene, giving to it a visual shape and completing it (re-imaging it).

But the more the future in which we are reading your text and imaging what it describes/simulates is remote, the more our models are less effective to get into your bedroom's written description, or even we could have no effective models to catch it. So your words - if we will still be able to undestand them - could tell something obscure to us. Maybe the meaning of your story will be eventually lost: in the Lascaux' cave paintings after roughly 17000 years we can still recognize the horses, the humans and the antelopes..., but we have totally missed that painting's use: didactical? Propitiatory? Ritual?... And maybe at that time you'll be longtime asleep ;-)


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