Sunday, February 14, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] The Dream Augmentation


Whether Maya, Pandora, or Pachamama, the "dream" seems to be the most
ancient of territories in which our species has been exploring
simulation. Recently, the Achuar, the "dream people" of the Amazon (
), were taken to see James Cameron's Avatar:

The Achuar use dreams to as a means of foretelling future events
(expertly working from the perspective of nonlocal consciousness?).
They have been working with the Pachamama Alliance to develop the
"Awakening the Dreamer" initiative ( to
"change the dream of the modern world" (would many of us claim
different goals?). Whether we choose to cast our experiences as dreams
or simulations, the destruction of the Amazonian lands by
multinational oil companies is grounded in a particular ecological
reality that reminds us our personal agency and responsibility within
whatever realms we inhabit.

It will be interesting to see if Cameron takes any of his millions in
profit from the simulated conflict to help them with their plight...


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