Friday, February 5, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] it is not a starting point//

Quoting Pier Luigi Capucci <>:

When the painters copy the nature - like for instance in the
Renaissance - they don't copy the matter the nature is made of (and
its biology, its "substance"...) but its appearance, that is the way
it works, its behaviour. Maybe one of the art forms which escape this
condition are the bioarts, where some artists, as Jens Hauser wrote,
do not *represent* but *present*.

I like this - but artistic practices which present ideas and the
interworking of objects, rather than representing images of plastic
arts, is delightfully tethered to conceptual art. Further, it seems
wearables are deeply invested in presenting new ways of interacting
with the unseen components of mechanisms while performing
observations. Here the second order cybernetics approach to
interactivity of observer is both the observed and the

Biological art, because it is not codified by bioart's defining
limitations, takes the artist far out of the atelier and into the
laboratory. I just had eye surgery this morning and an artist was
observing the new lens being placed in my eye. He/she was able to
observe the process as I was observing the observation. Second order
cybernetics is just getting started when we consider where biological
arts and human enhancement arts and simulation might be headed.


Natasha Vita-More

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