Sunday, February 14, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

Il giorno 12/feb/2010, alle ore 23.03, Laura Gemini ha scritto:

> Finally a question: could be, or better, is the augmented reality (AR)
> another frontier of the simulation and its imaginery?

Hello Laura,

I don't think that augmented reality ( here a simple example: ) should be considered as another frontier of simulation (except in a technological and commercial sense), but as another level. Some sort of metasimulation ;-)

In the way AR works - you get the information in particular positions/situations - they have something in common with holography, in which the image depends on the observer's viewpoint (it is not a case that some AR applications, especially in 3D graphics, are named "holograms"). Of course they are not holograms, since the technique they are made is totally different!


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