Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] introduction

Hello Yasminers,
I grab the chance of having a few minutes, after coming back from the
Transmediale festival in Berlin, to introduce myself to everyone. I already
wrote a couple of contributions on the subject of simulation, but i tought
it would be nice to present myself and what i do.
My name is Salvatore Iaconesi, i am originally a robotics engineer (for
which i graduated in Rome's University La Sapienza) and lately i have been
involved on scientific and artistic research projects in the areas of
interaction design, architecture, biofeedback, emotional research in the
areas of psychology, neurology, and hci.
I am currently teaching the course of "cross media experimentations" at the
University of Rome La Sapienza, and actively collaborating with the program
for innovation and young entrepreneurship for the university of Malmo.
I am the president of FakePress Publishing, a publishing house that does not
produce any books, but focuses on publications for bodies, objects and
architectures and environments, with that meaning that we research, design
and develop innovative forms of publications that are thought to be embedded
in bodies, objects and space/times, using both technologies and
social/relational/interactive practices.
FakePress has an explicit focus on design ethnography, wishing to explore
the possibilities offered by contemporary technologies/practices to create
opportunities for new forms of self expression including multi-authorship,
emergent-open ended narratives, disseminated stories/contents/knowledge,
emotional inteactions, natural interfaces, interventions on bodies and
We also have a very active profile on the issues of ecology and
sustainability. As an example one of our recent publications was called
"Squatting Supermarkets" and it featured a computer vision software
available on a range of different mobile devices through which individuals
could identify products' logos and, thus, turn them into wikis into which
several forms of activity could take place: from the possibility to
disseminate information on the ecologic and social responsibility aspects of
products and of their manufacturers, to the possibility of creating new
disseminated marketplaces (we're actively discussing this possibility now,
with a consortium of about 3000 small companies working in organic and
sustainable agricultural productions), to the possibility of enacting forms
innovative, natural forms of expression and of education designed for urban
Of all these issues we research their scientific, academic and
design-related faces, with a definite focus on the areas of anthropology,
psychology and various areas of the social sciences, and a clear desire to
create new opportunities in terms of social innovation, technological
innovation, innovative tools for education and new models for economy and
If some of you are interested, you can see some of the things i do here at:
(this website holds mostly the artist perspective of my activities)
or on

(which is a really minimal set of informations on the activities of
FakePress that will be expanded and migrated onto the


website in just a few days)

Thank you all for reading, and glad to being able to take part in the really
interesting discussions that i'm experiencing here in Yasmin.
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