Friday, February 12, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] around simulation

Dear Yasminers,

I try to focus on the relationship between the representationalist imaginery
and performativist one through the possibilities of the experience in
SecondLife. Where SL has seen as one of the possible online worlds.

We could summarize the shift of imaginery from representationalist to
preformativist as a shift – I'm thinking about the book Virtual Art by
Oliver Grau – from illusion to immersion. This shift is allowed by the
social, communicative and technological evolution.

Here the concept of simulation experiments its meanings: from the simulation
of the reality (illusion: those for example of an optical medium as the
panorama) to the simulation of the body which makes experience of images
(immersion: technological art, virtual, art, etc.)

The journey (1) and live performance in SecondLife (2) are two ways (but
maybe it's only one) to make experience of the reality of communication: as
experience of images through the body.

1. Travelling within SecondLife doesn't mean only seeing, seeing the own
self avatar watching but getting into environments, taking looks by inside,
from above... Flying, immersing our avatar into space. Always imagining
virtual possibilities, that is, otherwise possible.

2. Artistic live performance in SecondLife forces the
participation/performance of the avatar in order to carry out the
performance in itself and it always plays as mixed media performance. We're
forced – with our avatar – being a part of the images that we see. And this,
according to me, opens the door to the possibility to widen the definition
of the simulation and the use of this concept.

Finally a question: could be, or better, is the augmented reality (AR)
another frontier of the simulation and its imaginery?



Laura Gemini
Lab. LaRiCA - Facoltà di Sociologia
Un. degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo"
Via Saffi 15 - 61029 Urbino (PU)
+39 0722 305726
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