Monday, February 15, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Simulation and the (temporary) ending of Around Simulation...

Dear All,

As much as we would like to continue... All good things must come to a (temporary) ending...So on behalf of Pier Luigi, we would like to start saying our goodbye's and say thank you so much for all the wonderful inspirational posts!!! They really showed the complexities surrounding the concept of simulation and it's relation to art, science, technology and humanity in it's essence!!!

We now ask our moderator of the week, to post any remaining posts that are waiting, after that I will make a third and final Tag Cloud, which will be posted again by Pier Luigi, perhaps all three of them together in a row.... Pier Luigi will then say his goodbyes, making suggestions on how we can put the body of knowledge about simulation, that we have developed on Yasmin over the last three weeks, to good use.

Take care,



PS Derrick de Kerckhove says hi and thanks for the reactions!
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