Sunday, February 7, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] it is not a starting point//

Il giorno 06/feb/2010, alle ore 13.40, Simon Biggs ha scritto:

> We (artists included) see things through our own
> preconceptions. Everything we experience is mediated.

Maybe what I wrote wasn't clear, it does not exclude what you write. I totally agree, all experience is mediated.

> Artists are not mechanical devices replicating what is before them.

All devices are cultural devices, are built by humans (also the second order's devices, built by other devices). These devices share, represent and serve the same cultural models human have, they repeat them. For instance the photocamera and the camera still use a subset of the Renaissance perspective rules. And perspective is embedded in the VR tools, 3D videogames and metaverses. and so today we are immersed in simulations through many media which use *that* perspective.

Nothing is "innocent" ;-)


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