Sunday, February 7, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] The end of simulation.

Dear List,

I, in advance, apologize to all of probably commenting on something that
might not be of your interest or that was already subject to discussion in
previous posts. But I am sure you will forgive me by understanding that I
just recently (today) joining the discussion. Thank you for having me!

Concerning Simulation: I am extremely interested on how and when one can no
longer refer to it. Where is the threshold to be crossed to definitely blur
and merge concepts such as real, imaginary, representation, simulation,...
Even arguing in favor of *total simulation*, - in which the whole is a
product of projective representations both at a collective and individual
level-, even then, what can one do to collectively 'cross mirrors'?

This approach originates from the point view of the need of becoming a
socially active artistic participant, extending "Life is Art, Art is Life"
to a point where it does no longer make sense to distinguish between them...
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