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Re: [Yasmin_discussions] simulation, a-life and automatons, cybernetics and systems of systems


thank you for addressing the discussion to physical works and to robotics in particular. Thank you also for the links and especially for the link to Gunalan Nadarajan's paper.

Robotics is very interesting to me also because it can address simulation in two ways.

Some examples:

a) anthropomorphic robotics / social robotics

b) animal morphic robotics

c) industrial robotics

d) biologically inspired robotics

[there are other categories]

a) and b) simulate the human or animal appearance AND its behaviour
c) and d) only simulates the behaviour of the living beings


Pier Luigi

Il giorno 04/feb/2010, alle ore 09.54, roger malina ha scritto:

> yasminers
> Paul brown mentioned:
> "there was a lot of discussion about this at SIGGRAPH in the 1990's between
> the Hollywood mob (emulation)
> and the strict scientific visualisation people (simulation). The latter
> eventually split off to form their own conference"
> artists have a deep interest in both the simulation and emulation
> approaches- i am
> personnaly most excited about the rapid development in the simulation arena
> artists involved in artificial life for instance (see the vida competition
> If you look at the 2009 winners
> its of interest that artist have produced many works that are physical
> objects not visualisations
> or simulations in virtual space
> this gets us into the area of the history of automatons (the famous chess
> players)
> Gunalan Nadarajan has written extensively about the history of automatons in
> arab culture
> This paper would draw on the work of al-Jazari, a 13th century Islamic
> scholar, engineer
> and scientist, specifically his The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Devices,
> as a means
> to develop alternative histories and futures for robotic arts. It would be
> argued that the
> various machines developed and conceptualized by al-Jazari reflect not only
> an alternative
> perspective on automation radically different from those developed in the
> West but also
> present a range of new possibilities for contemporary explorations in
> robotic arts.
> Interested yasminers should consider submitting papers for the upcoming
> conference
> *Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics — A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation *
> deadline is march 29
> this conference will address many topics related to our simulation
> discussion
> Cybernetics is an underlying science that is one approach for developing
> system
> behaviours of a given type,
> there is also a lot of work going on in what is called 'systems of
> systems"engineering
> *"**The design, deployment, operation, and transformation of metasystems
> that must function as an integrated complex *
> *system to produce desirable results. These metasystems are themselves
> comprised of multiple autonomous embedded *
> *complex systems that can be diverse in technology, context, operation,
> geography, and conceptual frame.*
> **
> *
> *
> *as you can gather my interest is really in the simulation area= how you
> build/design systems that have*
> *intended behaviours-in the case of science is that they match observed
> behaviours in the actual world*
> *(sorry- yeah I believe the world exist independent of our percepts)*
> *
> *
> *artists obviously have very different goals with simulations since the
> intented behaviours of the*
> *simulation they build is to arouse within viewers intended emotions and
> percepts*
> *
> *
> *artists and scientists have very different approaches then to simulation*
> roger
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Pier Luigi Capucci
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