Monday, February 15, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Simulation's real thanks ;-)

Dear Yasminers,

for more than three weeks we've been lovely discussing, like people interested in the same general topic can. I know, there are lots of other issues about simulation we could still be debating on (for instance outside the images' realm, regarding the sciences), but time has come: they will be matter for further discussions!

At the end Jennifer and I would thank all the people who made this rich discussion possible. Many thanks to the lovely discussants who actively participated in sending posts and raising new side topics and perspectives. Many thanks to all the yasminers who lurked into the posts or who patiently skipped them hoping the discussion would end early: sorry, we couldn't reach your heart this time. Many thanks to Roger Malina and the Yasmin's board of moderators for endorsing this discussion: we think Yasmin worth our passion. And last but not least many thanks to Haris, who from time to time descended from the technical algid heavens to the fuzzy human realm to patiently help the less skilled among us to check or uncheck the right option in the list's preferences, or to resurrect a dead post :-D

Simulation has been a hot topic in the past, but I think the digital technologies, the cognitive sciences (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Robotics...) and some recent biology's acquisitions (like the mirror neuron's system for instance) should lead taking into account new issues and reconsidering some old ones. And, as usual, the arts' field is a key field!

Some of you seem interested in deepening this topic. I would suggest some options - which do not exclude each others. Please, tell me (by e-mail: plc[->at<-] what do you think... Suggestions are welcome, send your advices and ideas!

Anyway here some hints:

- The opening of a wiki on the topic of simulation, to gather and distribute material.

- A call about this topic (maybe focusing or splitting it into sub-topics or areas) in collaboration with other interested people/institutions. We could go through it with Noema too, with a final publication on paper and / or on the web.

I will also dedicate to this topic a section - "Nuovi Orizzonti/New Horizons" - in all the 2010 issues of a quarterly italian paper magazine, "D'Ars" which is the oldest magazine in activity in Italy on Art/Culture/Communication. If you have any ideas on a possible contribute, please, get in touch with me.

Thank you again and best!

Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Capucci
skype: plcapucci

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