Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] ethnic cyborg

Hi Stéphane,
Very interesting subject "Epithelia, Creative Skins"...
I made some artworks on this theme: "Digital Skin 2" -

"The Cyberspace is an extension of the human foot, eye and the skin. The
electronic gadgets and the data sphere are Galactic immediate Torus like
extension of the human central nervous system, and the stage of 'Digital
Skin' performance. It creates virtual extension of Marcel Duchamp's
unfinished "Big Glass" piece, his voice (manipulated by the speed of
light)on the video explains it. The transparent Cyberbody (digital mummy) is
located eternally in cyberspace superposition. The departure and arrival are
compressed to a singularity(Paul Virilio), on the digital skin's surface.
'Digital Skin 2' video sequence is bricolage of my endless virtual voyages (
'Digital Skin' is another example of such trajectory) in cyberspace,
superimposing personal data on public data base (Goggle Earth and Sky). My
body digital data strips, merged with the Earth and cosmos digital data
strips produced by the satellites and telescopes. The digitalization of the
universe and our body transformed it to a flat image displayed on the
computer monitor ('Digital Skin').The digital video sequences are the MEME
for further construction \deconstruction of cyber audiovisual mutual memory
and universal knowledge."


Avi Rosen,

This is the first time I contribute to this discussion. I am a visual
artist and art theorist. I am wrighting a book about skin as a
creative process ( "Epithelia, Creative Skins", "Les peaux créatrices"
in French).

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