Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Ethnic Cyborg

Dear Yasminers

We have a couple of days left for our Ethnic Cyborg discussion
which obviously will be pursued at the Amber Festival in Istanbul.

In re reading the many posts, I am struck at the divergent 'world views'
that are being debated about the future of life on our planet, and the
role of humans. Maybe 'ethnicity' was not the right qualifier= but I do
think we often assume that we all share underlying world views or
value systems ( which often can be encapsulated as cultural or ethnic
differences). In spite of increasing connectivity on the planet, I think
we need to be careful not to assume that we really do share the same
world views and that its important to identify the common ground and the
areas of dispute.

The discussion about the role of artist programmers is clearly relevant,
because one role of artists and indeed scientist/engineers in this area
is to testbed real scenarios and ideas. If one looks at the development
of all technologies, and now biotechnologies, the development is not
a linear predictable one ( in spite of government strategic planning). Power
to the imagination !!

I do think that Haraways analysis, and many such thinking, needs to
be recast as we face the reality that the kind of life that has developed
on our planet is unsustainable, and that anthropogenic change is now
a dominant source of environmental constraint, and that to a large extent
we are now intervening in our own evolution.

We do not have a discussion topic planned right now for August for YASMIN=
so we could try what we did before= if anyone on the list would like to propose
a discussion topic for a week, we can see if there is response /interest. If you
would like to propose a one week topic drop me an email at

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