Monday, July 27, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Events in Italy

• Klang! Suoni contemporanei
07/08/2009 - 09/08/2009 , Viareggio
Installazioni - Sound Art - Audio Design - Poesia Sonora - Elettronica
Villa Paolina - Viareggio - 7-8-9 Agosto 2009 - Ore 18.00-23.00 -
Ingresso libero
a cura di Vittore Baroni e associazione culturale BAU

• Pixxelpoint 2009
Call for applications
Deadline: 30/09/2009
Once Upon a Time in the West
We keep on talking about "new media", while in actually fact these
media are anything but new. The Net is twenty years old, if we start
counting from the advent of the Web, forty if we start from Arpanet.
Spacewar!, the first videogame ever, is more or less the same age.
Virtual worlds are the updated, lighter versions of a technology
acclaimed as "the future" when Second Life programmers were still in
diapers; social networks are the bastard sons of Fidonet. As for the
computer, it is younger than Lord Byron, but certainly not than his
daughter Ada.
Once upon a time there was the electronic frontier, an abandonware
myth which was able to regenerate itself thanks to the continuous
advance of the frontier itself. Like in space, in technological
progress there's no ocean at the end of the trip. But, unlike the
space race, the race to the next technology is endless, and
endlessness is boring.

• Planetary_Collegium M-Node - Research Grant Awarding
In a meeting held on June 11, 2009, the Board of Directors of NABA
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano deliberated the awarding of a
research grant for PhD Planetary Collegium M-Node research program to
the candidate /*Denis Jaromil Roio*/ for the research proposal
*/"Libre Made Flash – Generative Patterns for Alternative Economics/
*". The research grant awarding is due to the comprehension of the
high cultural contribution provided by Mr Denis Jaromil Roio to the
debate and research on new digital media and related partecipative
cultural issues, both at a national and international level.

• Re/Ciclo
31/07/2009 , Torino
PAV - Parco Arte Vivente
Venerdì 31 luglio 2009, ore 21
Dj set di musica elettronica composta attraverso la decostruzione di
sonorità preesistenti, mash-up armonico modulare ispirato alla ricerca
artistica di Michel Blazy.
Performance musicale di The Pure
Sabato 1 agosto 2009, ore 10
Art Program_08
Workshop con Michel Blazy
Grazie alla partecipazione del pubblico, l'installazione Noël en Août
giunge alla sua ultima fase di trasformazione: i pomodori coltivati
verranno raccolti, preparati in semplici ricette e consumati
collettivamente. Al termine dell'attività Michel Blazy condurrà i
partecipanti nella performance "Please feed the animals".

Ti piacerebbe coltivare un ORTO?
bando di concorso per l'assegnazione un lotto di terreno ad uso
orticolo nel territorio del Parco Arte Vivente
Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna promuovono un concorso pubblico per
offrire la possibilità di coltivare un orto all'interno della città.

• Xing presents
Netmage 10
International Live-Media Festival - 10th edition
Bologna, 28>30 January 2010
International Live-Media Floor call for participants
deadline 19 September 2009
The call for participation is now open for the International Live-
Media Floor of Netmage 10 a festival aimed to explore media
innovation within the context of electronic arts that will take place
in Bologna from the 28th to the 30th January 2010.
The Live-Media Floor is the main section of the Netmage festival
program, an international platform to confront practices of generating
and/or mixing images and sound of every type and format. A window on
cinematic and inter-media aesthetics that change form year by year.
Participation is open to projects that employ electronic,
electroacoustic, analogue and cinematic means to produce visuals and
The projects selected will be performed in a single event space,
single or multi-screen, for a duration of about 20 minutes each.

Noema Staff

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