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Subject: FW: CFP: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication/YASMIN

One for Yasmin?
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> Subject: CFP: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
> From: Lina Khatib []
> Call for Papers
> Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
> Editors:
> Lina Khatib, Royal Holloway, University of London
> Tarik Sabry, University of Westminster
> Dina Matar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
> John, L. Esposito, Georgetown University
> Coordinating Editor:
> Gholam Khiabany, London Metropolitan University
> The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, now in its second year,
> is a new platform for interdisciplinary scholarly work that explores
> transformations in culture, communication, and politics in the Middle East and
> North Africa. The Journal aims to challenge the traditional paradigms used to
> understand media and the Middle East, seeing ³communication² as extending
> beyond the study of media in the traditional sense.
> MEJCC welcomes contributions from international scholars engaged with the
> Middle East within various academic disciplines and using diverse approaches,
> whether as articles or reviews of films, books (including novels), and
> exhibitions.
> MEJCC is seeking papers critically addressing (though not exclusive to) the
> following:
> - the old and new media in all their forms (the broadcast media, the print
> media, electronic media, and film), whether in or about the Middle East
> - processes of communication in geographical space in the Middle East
> (including street art, posters and architecture)
> - popular culture in the Middle East
> - the relationship between the media (including interactive communication
> technologies) and political and social processes in the region
> - the cultural practices through which power is expressed and politics is
> performed.
> MEJCC is published by Brill. The first issue of the Journal can be accessed
> free at MEJCC¹s latest issue deals with political
> communication in the Middle East; the forthcoming issue with media,
> geopolitics and public diplomacy; and the following one with Palestinian
> cultural studies.
> Contributions should be original work which has neither been simultaneously
> submitted for publication elsewhere nor published previously. Manuscripts
> should be submitted through Editorial Manager, which can be accessed via:
> Informal queries can be addressed to the editors:

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