Monday, July 20, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Aslemeur, Oeil-ocean / Outre-ronde, image 3D interactive, juillet 2009


Anne-Sarah Le Meur
3D interactive experimental image

--- Forthcoming presentations

- 3-4 August, Eye-Ocean, HMC, Art VideoFest-Budapest, Hungary.
- 29 August, Outre-Ronde, Conference, ISEA2009, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
- 27 September - 3 October, Outre-Ronde, Interactive installation, La Generale
en Manufacture, Sevres (near Paris).

--- New piece

Grey-Moire, Performance, variable duration and music, 2009.

-- and always

Eye-Ocean, experimental real time 3D image,
on line once a month, runnable at home for 5 days,

« Eye-Ocean » is a mono-screen version of an immersive and interactive 3D
artwork, « Outre-Ronde », based on exploration and contemplation of
non realistic light phenomena in computer generated image.

The images are abstract but organic, metaphors of a world both cellular and
cosmic, very carnal, so minimal that they become archaïc, a sort of
pre-semantic vision (before language).

With support of ZKM, Le Cube and Interface-Z.

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