Monday, July 20, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ethnic cyborg


I am not sure if i am ready to contribute to your declaration
of machine rights, but it does raise the question of why cyborgs
are often seen in terms of future evolution of humans rather than
using other life forms as the starting point, or as you point out
the devices themselves

ramon guardans in his contribution to the darwin and the arts
symposium in october

will talk about viewing evolution in terms of a plant centered view of
succesful longevity
on the planet- so that we should perhaps be looking at cyborgs in that context

rob kranenberg in recent "internet of things" talks about indeed when
human+ thing can be seen
more as a symbiotic system neither of which can survive without the other

talks in detail about how we will start to co evolve with a vast array
of 'things' in our environment

The Internet of Things, Rob van Kranenburg outlines his vision of the
future. He tells of his early encounters with the kind of
location-based technologies that will soon become commonplace, and
what they may mean for us all. He explores the emergence of the
"internet of things", tracing us through its origins in the mundane
back-end world of the international supply chain to the domestic
applications that already exist in an embryonic stage. He also
explains how the adoption of he technologies of the City Control is
not inevitable, nor something that we must kindly accept nor sleepwalk
into. In van Kranenburg's account of the creation of the international
network of Bricolabs, he also suggests how each of us can help
contribute to building technologies of trust and empower ourselves in
the age of mass surveillance and ambient technologies.

again it would be great to have examples of artists work that explores
the issues


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