Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] (un)Cyborgable deadline August 1 for istanbul art and technology festival

Dear Yasminers

We have about a week left for our ethnic cyborg discussion
on YASMIN= we have been getting many posts recently
and they are being approved one a time to avoid overloading
the list= so if you submitted a post and it hasnt appeared,
be patient !!

Meanwhile REMINDER that the deadline for submissions
to the Ambert Art and Technology Festival is AUGUST 1:

The "amber Art and Technology Festival"
will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 6-15 November 2009 The
will be held on Nov 7, 8 2009 on the Theme
"(un)Cyborgable?". The
deadline for proposals
for artworks for the festival and papers for the conference
is August 1 2009.

This YASMIN discussion has been moderated by the organisers of
this festival. We hope many yasminers will be interested
in attending the festival in Istanbul, as part of cross networking
between the AMBER, RAMI and YASMIN networks.

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