Friday, July 24, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] ETHNIC CYBORGS

Annick Bureaud:

Every species has evolved means of surveillance, communication and security
to survive, including ourselves. The adaptive mechanisms are quite
remarkable from the sonar of bats to the jamming of the signal by moths.
Dolphins and whales also have the ability to see in darkness using sonar to
read the seascape and other organisms of the deep. Their complex language
and calls can be heard from great distances through the conductive waters.
I would not call their traits mechanized nor call them cyborgs. They are
sensitized to their environment internally. Their use and enslavement by
humans for warfare and surveillance is a cruel use of neutral species for
our self-destructive and regressive human nature. Humaneness in humans often
seems a misnomer. How can we channel our gifts in a constructive way to
problem solve? We are not superior beings independent of nature but are part
of the interconnected web of life. There is a difference of philosophy
between the consumerist cultures and those that respect the rights of the
land. Readers should be aware that the Indigenous peoples of the world are
speaking to each other and have formed a union. In Ecuador this was
translated into the Rights of Nature written into their Constitution.
Indigenous people often have specialized abilities honed from centuries of
use. These traits include the ability to read the landscape without maps,
telepathic communication, interspecies communication, and communion with the
spirit world. The Shaman often served as a conduit to these inner and outer
worlds. As humans we live only a fraction of our potential. This is what I
meant when I mentioned the enhancement of our inner world and our
relationship to the outer world. Until we as a species are able to
emotionally develop, we will continue to use tools-cyborg, drones and
mechanical enhancements in a destructive way. Thankfully, there are
individuals, institutions and collectives who are pooling their talent
constructively in a holistic way to address global problems.

Joseph Ingoldsby
Landscape Mosaics

On 7/23/09 9:50 AM, "Annick Bureaud" <> wrote:

> Dear Yasminers,
> As you are getting some posts from me, you understand that I
> am "unpiling" my mail ;-)))
> One question : can we consider the seals and other marine
> mamals fully equiped with sensors and instruments and that
> "monitor" for us the antarctic deep waters as cyborgs ?
> Annick

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