Sunday, July 19, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] UDMR


I think the world of cyborgs is very limited.
Cyborgs are merely organisms with natural systems that have received
artificial machines.
Cyborgs are people who use cybernetic technology to repair or overcome the
physical constraints of their bodies. This is very few. This is nothing.
I'm waiting for the moment when machines will receive natural systems, to
overcome the mental contraints of their mechanisms.
For instance, a transplantation of a heart to a robot; a transplantation of
a human brain to a machine.

I like machines. I collect, I love and I conserv all kind of machines, from
my old type writers until my old gramophones, theremins, tape recorders
(General, Grundig, Phillips, Revox).
Now, I'm searching a Wire-Recorder, for an experiment (can be a

I dream with the writing of a full text for a *Universal Declaration of
Machine Rights*. The UDMR would be dopted and proclaimed universally.

I invite people interested in this project.

Awaiting for reactions,

Jorge Antunes
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