Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] ethnic cyborg

jeni wightman brings this book to our attention
for our cyborg topîc

has anyone read this book ?


Giorgio Agamben's The Open. Man and Animal.

The Open. Man and Animal. Giorgio Agamben. Meridian, crossing
aesthetics (translated by Kevin Attel). Stanford University Press,
California, 2004.

Few philosophers have exposed the darker foundations of the Western
project and opened new interpretive universes for us like Giorgio
Agamben. Disclosing a powerful dialogue with Aristotle, Carl Schmitt,
Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, and Michel Foucault,
Agamben's work has already opened for us a new interpretive universe.
For those familiar with Agamben, The Open offers theoretical insight
on how to dislocate biopolitics and explore ontologies that allow for
the fraternal and non-hierarchical coexistence of all forms of life.
Yet those who encounter these ideas for the first time may consider
earlier arguments of the author that are implied in this new book.
Engaged in the scrutiny of the bonds between life, ontology, and
power, Agamben's claims dispute the "first philosophy" on which all of
our practices, institutions, languages, and forms of construction of
meaning are rooted.

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too bad about the conference.  i'd have loved to be on a panel called
animal and vegetal culture! ha!
have you read agamben's 'the open'?  don't worry about cyborgs, we're
alienated even from our biological/animal selves!

good cheer.

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