Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] VIDEO GAMES: Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected -- game art exhibition in Lima

*VIDEO GAMES: Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected*
23 July - 4 October 2009
Centro Fundación Telefónica
Lima, Peru

"VIDEO GAMES: Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected" is an exhibition
on the fantasy worlds and the gaming territories of our times. Through the
of the works of well-known artists and independent game creators, the
exhibition aims to
introduce new perspectives for the worlds we inhabit, the experiences we
and the ways we are being influenced. Questioning the expectations we have
from today's games, the roles we are used to take on and the rules we have
learned to pay attention to, the games presented invite us to skip the
formalisms being imposed to the gaming worlds. Can we jump back into the
magic circles seeking for moments of playfulness, interactivity and
The works of the artists break down the common barriers, escape the usual
norms and open up to different directions that reform games' aesthetics,
structures and mechanisms. Vividness and excitement are no longer based on
competition, scores and perplex constraints, but rather on new play tactics
behaviors that are being encouraged within game environments. Joining worlds
creativity and collaboration, intimacy and affection, contemplation and
adventure and surprise, visitors are invited to keep the play instinct
following their own paths and interpretations.
with the participation of:*
Martin Butler, "The Girlfriend Experience"
Brody Condon, "Default Properties();"
Joseph DeLappe, "The Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi's March to Dandi in
Second Life"
Markus Doninger/ Oma International, "Tagtool"
Yuichiro Katsumoto, "Amagatana"
Julian Oliver, "levelHead"
Ludic Society, "Toygenosonic"
Eddo Stern, "Level sounds like devil (BabyInChrist vs His Father, May 2006)
Tale of Tales, " The Path"
thatgamecompany, "Flower"
Bill Viola & USC EA Game Innovation Lab, " The Night Journey"
Valentin Yoshimoto, "Play it loud!"

*curated by:*
Daphne Dragona

*parallel workshop program with:*
Ludic Society, Markus Doninger, Yuichiro Katsumoto, Valentin Yoshimoto

*organised by:*
ATA & Centro Fundación Telefónica


Daphne Dragona
cultural [net]worker & mediator
skype name: dapdra
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