Sunday, July 26, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] robot/cyborg project - seeking hardcore programmer

I totally agree with Simon.

I am currently in the midst of a morass caused by misunderstanding
levels of programming in comparing two
different projects -- both of which are called "Virtual Surgery". The
previous Virtual Surgery project I worked on was implemented with stereo
viewing in a high-level, Visualization Problem-Solving Environment
(PSE). I programmed in C++. I created a user interface which
integrated a 3-D "cursor"/probe widget with an anatomical knowledgebase
via web services queries and parsed the responses using the Xerces-C
DOM/XML parser.

The current Virtual Surgery project calls for haptic feedback and is
implemented in a real-time, Virtual Reality/Simulation environment. The
platform is still written in C++, but, it is a radically different world
of programming from a high-level, Visualization Problem-Solving
Environment (PSE). Real-time simulation is all about serving devices in
the application run loop. This is your Operating System. This is not
Visualization. This is "Computer Graphics Assembly Language". In the
Operating System, you can't tell whether you are in the application, the
client, the server, the OS or the user side.

To integrate an OS with a user interface is tricky to say the least. It
is fully on the order of complexity depicted in the attached image.

-Stewart Dickson, Visualization Research Programmer, Illinois Simulator
Beckman Institute - South Facility, Room 12,
2100 S. Goodwin Urbana, IL 61801
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On: 7/24/09 6:40 AM
Francis Wittenberger wrote:
> hi Simon,
> i do not agree that "Programmers good enough to do this kind of work are thin on the ground"

On: 7/24/09 4:48 AM
Simon Biggs wrote:
> Programmers good enough to do this kind of work are thin on the ground and
> valuable. I wish we had a few. I mean, we do, but they are all busily
> employed on well funded research projects and have very little time for more
> speculative and less well funded work. Those that do are special. We could
> do with a lot more.
> I missed your call for a robotics programmer so am not sure what you were
> looking for, but one observation I would make about development work in this
> field is that employing a single programmer is not going to get you very
> far. Robotics is one of the most multi-disciplinary and demanding of
> technical areas. You need different kinds of programmers for different
> aspects of the systems (sensing algorithms are very different to those
> required for motor control). You also need engineers with various skill-sets
> as well as specialists from other areas (computational linguistics, computer
> vision, networking, micro-electronics, psychology, etc).
> Regards
> Simon

On: 7/23/09 11:19 PM wrote:
> Sawasdee
> re. Digital Skin
> MAF Thailand (2005)
> re. Cyborgs discussion
> everybody here TALKING about cyborgs but funny enough there were ZERO
> programmers responding to my call "seeking hardcore programmer"
> i wonder what is this discussion all about and who is going to do the
> work;
> it seems there is not a single hardware engineer or a serious programmer
> reading this list - or?
> perhaps the heads of departments, historians, academics, philosophers and
> talkers should unite with a FUND to hire programmers to do something
> about all this talk..?
> hope to hear opinions
> best regards from thailand
> francis

On: 7/22/09 3:17 AM wrote:
> hello all,
> we are seeking a very motivated open minded hardcore programmer for
> coding a special OS for a mobile yet non-mechanical-robot/cyborg driven
> by a theory of emotional responses. this robot is a fully working
> prototype and was traveling the world and been exhibited in the past.
> now, with new advanced off the shelf components we are looking
> to bring it to a complete new height
> please send resume/skills/interests to : director [at ],
> :) looking forward to hearing from you
> francis
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