Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Announcing first Art-Science Residents at IMERA in Marseille

Dear Yasminers

We are pleased to announce the first 5 artists and researchers
selected for residence in
Marseille at the IMERA, Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies.

Details are available at:


Four of the residents will be well known to Yasminers

Scientist Jim Gimzewski, a leading nano scientist, has a long history
of art science practice
and will be working on An Art/Sci Exploration of Creativity and
Imagination in fields of Nanotechnology and its future Role on Society
with emphasis on Nano-Neuromorphic Information Technology and Materiel

Artist Peter Richards, Senior Artist at the San Francisco
Exploratorium, will be carrying out an art science project
Intersections : Land, Water & Culture .I would want to find ways of
physically expressing some of the commonalities between life in
Mediterranean regions and the Bay Area in a manner that could lead to
some shared understandings of the global aspects of the rapidly
evolving nature of the physical world

Artist Rachel Mayeri will be working with the primate research lab
here on Primate cognition in crisis : looking at the relationship
between decision-making and emotions.

We will also be welcoming science historian Patrick Macray who will be familiar
to Yasminers as he was an invited discussant for the YASMIN discussion
on art and atoms.

REMINDER: the second deadline for residency applications at IMERA is
Septembre 15. We are
giving priority to applicant from the mediterranean region in this second call.

application forms at:


YASMINERS interested in discussing possible applications may contact
me at rmalina@prontomail.com
If you applied previously and were not accepted I can try and give you feedback.

Roger Malina


Les résidents sélectionnés par le conseil scientifique de l'IMéRA au
mois d'avril 2009 arriveront à Marseille à partir du mois de

L'institut accueillera ainsi successivement jusqu'à l'été 2010 :

James GIMZEWSKI (de septembre à novembre 2009), Chimiste, UCLA, membre
du California Nanosystems Institute, Docteur Honoris Causa de
l'université de la Méditerranée,

Rachad ANTONIUS (de septembre 2009 à mai 2010), Sociologue, université
du Québec à Montréal (UQAM),

Rachel MAYERI ( printemps 2010), Artist, Associate Professor of Media
Studies, Harvey Mudd College,

Peter RICHARDS (printemps 2010), Senior artist, Exploratorium de San Francisco,

Patrick McCRAY (printemps/été 2010), Historien, Université de
Californie à Santa Barbara.



Une deuxième session de sélection des candidatures s'engagera à partir
du 15 septembre 2009, pour un accueil à l'IMéRA en 2010 et 2011.

Les personnes intéressées doivent candidater en répondant à la
deuxième version de l'appel d'offres en ligne sur le site

Roger Malina is in France at this time


phone 1 510 853 2007

When in France I can be reached at:
011 33 (0) 6 15 79 59 26
or (0) 6 80 45 94 47

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