Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Ethnic Cyborg

I'd like to (belatedly) bring attention in this interesting
discussion to the work of a friend of mine, Mari Veronaki, (who is an
ethnically Greek Australian), at the Centre for Social Robotics in
Sydney University.

Her 'Fish-Bird' installation, the public aspect of a significantly
funded interdisciplinary research project for the past 6 years, avoids
the physically humanistic fixation of robotic experiments and
concentrates instead on (poetic) dialogues, in this case between two
wheelchairs. Thus mobility and interaction in a 100 sq metre space -
between the wheelchairs and in response to the presence of visitors -
demonstrate ideas of agency and intimacy in a machine and gallery/
museum setting.

The Centre is based in an industrial research department of scientists
and technologists and has demonstrated the genuine trust and
engagement that can emerge from interdisciplinary teams.

Mike Leggett

NSW 2008

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