Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Master Media and Design

Master Media and Design


Our Master degree course is designed to provide students with the
expertise that will enable them to take charge of media products and
communication processes, realise design projects and processes, lead
teams and help to shape the media management of tomorrow.

Students acquire an all-round understanding of design and design methods
that can be applied to complex tasks, such as company start-ups,
customer-services and innovative brand design. They are qualified to
manage complex and sophisticated design tasks and to develop strategies
for new business divisions.

Aims and contents
Within interdisciplinary teams, Master's students develop solutions for
problems in completely new contexts. They become experts in their
respective disciplines or "T-shaped" professionals, i.e., they have
extensive overall design and management skills and specific technical
expertise in one of the following four specialist areas: Design
Management, Service Design, Media Design and Strategic Design.

Our aim is to produce a whole new generation of designers with in-depth
design skills that can be applied to linear and non-linear products
through to interactive services, and with the media and management
expertise to take charge of teams and strategic action.

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Master Media and Design

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